Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why Hamas will last over Abbas

Mark Perry of Conflicts Forum has written on why Hamas, and not Fatah, will be the party that will remain untarnished after all the civil unrest of the month of June.

"...they have absolutely no prospect of success.

Instead, Abu Mazen will fail to solidify his position as President of the Palestinian Authority; the American program to support him will fail; there will be no international conference; and, within the next sixty to ninety days — and almost certainly by the end of the year — Abu Mazen and his colleagues will either be forced into exile or will take steps to reconstitute the national unity government that they have spent the last 60 days destroying."

The message is rather elementary: Hamas won an election and has the support of the majority in both Gaza and the West Bank (the elections were there too), despite what the latest polling results show. Ignoring them and hoping that Palestinians will hold Hamas accountable, and not the outside forces who are attempting to control Palestinian affairs by dividing a people who has been known for solidarity unity, is a mistake that will be disastrous, and the public are not falling for it.

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