Friday, August 3, 2007

The Other War

Everyone is familiar with Iraq Body Counts, but what about The Afghan Body Count? Most of the public has turned on Iraq but Afghanistan slipped completely right off the mindframe.

"According to what little information is available, U.S. and NATO-led forces appear to be responsible for a growing number of civilian deaths. Despite its reluctance to quantify the situation, the United Nations publicly reported on June 2 that its data indicates "the number of (civilian) deaths attributed to pro-government forces marginally exceeds that caused by anti-government forces."

Could anyone connect the fact that the West does not hold Afghani lives with respect to their own (white) kiln?

"When questioned about whether or not the Department of Defense maintains any records of Afghan civilian deaths, a DOD official stated that they maintain documentation on U.S. military personnel only.

The British Ministry of Defense replied similarly to an inquiry under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, stating that it "does not maintain records that would enable a definitive number of civilian fatalities to be recorded."

How can we still wonder why they might be a little angry? Those evil Islamists.

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