Thursday, August 9, 2007

Like fish in a barrel

IDF troops are now exempted from any responsibility in the Gaza Strip.

"According to the bill approved by the ministerial committee on Sunday, "In light of the High Court ruling… a situation has been created in which many residents of the Gaza area and the surrounding villages will file damage lawsuits for damages allegedly caused to them, following the IDF's legitimate and legal defensive activities."

The bill added that 'following the disengagement from Gaza… it is unthinkable that (Israel) will continue to bear any responsibility for the residents of the Gaza area, which are, in this case, residents of the villages beyond Israel's northern border.

Today, when Israeli communities cease to exist in the Gaza area, any Israeli activity in this area is a defensive activity in every sense of the word. In that case, there is no room for damage lawsuits from people who are residents of an entity which is not the State of Israel, all the more so from residents of an entity which sponsors actions against the State of Israel'."

Gazans are now at the mercy of the soldier's whim. Who is being placated by all of this? Perhaps more adventures of this nature can be labeled "defensive activity". Or shooting unarmed humans. Or just firing bombs at the airport. Or maybe just to test out those new weapons on those pesky Arabs.

Let's dress up a phony disengagement and we can forget about who really controls Gaza eh? Just like staging a flimsy election and calling it a democracy (while being occupied). That pertains to Mahmoud Abbas too, not just Iraq/Afghanistan/etc...

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