Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Antony Loewenstein succumbs to the reality that the two-state solution is vast becoming extinct.

"So, where to from here? When I wrote my book, My Israel Question in 2006, I argued reluctantly that a two-State solution in Palestine was probably the best option because a majority of Israelis and Palestinians appeared to support it. Now, in the updated edition of the book, I question my own prejudices and conclude that a bi-national State is both more ethical and likely.

The reasons are deceptively simple. There is little likelihood that Israel will give up its addiction to land acquisition in the West Bank anytime soon — indeed, Western policies are helping the Jewish State complete its colonial project. In a matter of years, Palestinians will outnumber Jews in both Israel and Palestine, making Jews a minority. This is an apartheid State by definition, as Israel will still rule over millions of Palestinians."

How could it be possible though when it's overwhelming that basically no one in Israel supports the dismantling of its Zionist idealogy?

"But there is little opposition among the majority of Jews for Israel’s current path. This is nothing new, of course, but it’s revealing. Most Jews appear unfazed by Israel’s gradual transformation into a garrison State which is loathed by most of the world and is armed to the teeth by the world’s only superpower."

They want to give up as little as possible; or better yet, nothing at all. Why stop when the world just sits back and lets Israel act without accountability?

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