Saturday, August 18, 2007

Still no hint of negotiations

As was predicted earlier, the Abbas and Olmert summit has not and will not be an efficacious conference:

"PLO Executive Committee member Yasser Abed Rabbo told the Arabic-language paper Al-Quds Al-Arabi that no negotiations are currently taking place between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on core issues standing in the way of the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The statements come just days after sources in Jerusalem said that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud and Abbas have begun been negotiating a new document on the core issues.

These issues include the permanent borders of the future Palestinian state, the question of jurisdiction over holy sites in Jerusalem, and the Palestinian refugee problem.

Abed Rabbo told the paper, which is published in London, that Israel refuses to discuss the issues before the U.S.-backed Mideast peace conference set for the fall.

He said that if Israel continues to refuse, the conference will be useless."

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