Monday, October 1, 2007

Our Palestinian Moderate Mahmoud Abbas

Thanks to Antony Loewenstein's blog, there is a nice tip that shows Abu Mazen telling the head of his security to "slaughter" his opponents, presumed to be Hamas during the Gaza clash back in June. The video has been corroborated by Amit Cohen who reported the story:

"I think the video is authentic. I spoke with source within the Fatah and they recognized the officers in the meeting:

1. The first guy, with the moustache, is an officer in the PSO (preventative security organization).

2. The older man, wearing a black uniform, was the head of the PSO "executive force". He's from Abu Zuaitar Family in Gaza. His alias is Sinbad.

It looks like the video was taking during a meeting between Abu Mazen and the PSO leadership in Gaza, before Hamas tookover.

When I got the video, I contacted Abu Mazen's office for a response. I spoke with one of his assistants several times. I even sent him the video and made sure he got it. However, right after he got the movie, he screened my calls and didn't get back to me..."

Richard Silverstein weighs in:

"And we should keep in mind that this is the same Abbas to whom Bush, the Europeans, and even the Israelis to the extent that they do trust him–have bound their fate. A man who is prepared to slaughter his supposed brothers. It does make you wonder."

How crass is that? Could we be in a more Orwellian world when "our guy" for peace is the guy who is ready to spill the blood of his own people?

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