Wednesday, October 24, 2007

IDF Soldier censured

I found this piece by Richard Silverstein of great interest. It seems that IDF commander Yair Golan "was censured on Thursday for allowing soldiers to use Palestinian civilians as "human shields" during military operations in the West Bank". Amazingly, a punishment has been accorded to an IDF soldier, since "[T]he army said in a statement that Golan would be passed over for promotion for at least the next nine months." Although Silverstein adds his two cents:

"Of course, you know that after nine months he will receive that big promotion he was angling for since the only problem the IDF has with using human shields is when it's caught doing it (not the tactic itself).

The reason why the IDF must look as if it disapproves of human shields is that the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that they were illegal. For some reason, despite the ruling the IDF essentially ignored it. Several TV camera crews have caught IDF soldiers in flagrante (see second video) over the past few months and perhaps this has raised a yellow flag among the senior staff."

In his post is the two videos mentioned documenting IDF protocol of "human shields", a tactic that is lauded on the Palestinian militants instead of the Israeli Army. Well, here's proof that they do not have the moral high ground.

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