Thursday, October 4, 2007

And if it wasn't enough that Carter and Tutu say it...

What about those Israelis themselves? Bloody anti-Semites, the lot of them. Here's a nice post thanks to Mark Elf at Jews Sans Frontieres:

"Ha'aretz has editorialised that Israel has so 'normalised' the occupation that the state that has segregated Jews from Arabs since it's inception is 'becoming' an apartheid state."

The cat's out of the bag. Even an Jewish newspaper like Forward is not immune to the analogy of South Africa:

"Sure, there are similarities between the lives of Palestinians under Israeli occupation and those of black South Africans under apartheid. Indeed, in certain respects, the conditions Palestinians face are arguably even worse. But while the Palestinians’ circumstances may resemble those once faced by blacks in South Africa, the apartheid analogy ignores crucial context for why this is the case."

Elf says it best:

"The zionist movement never wanted the whole of Palestine but the Arabs goaded them into taking it all and more. And black South Africans never resisted apartheid by force of arms and were rewarded with the legal equality they have today. Except I ought to remind those on whom irony is lost, that the ANC did wage an armed struggle against apartheid and Nelson Mandela spent as long as he did in prison because he refused to renounce the armed struggle. And what did Lenni Brenner say? Forward is backward. He wasn't wrong."

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