Monday, October 22, 2007

The best of the rightists

Extreme? Or just another part of Israelis right-wing nutjob?

"A right-wing Jewish extremist has been disseminating calls for the assassination of leftists and Ashkenazim on Internet sites in Israel and abroad.

One film clip posted on YouTube, for instance, declares: "You are about to view a handful of leftist Ashkenazim that Hitler and Eichmann did not manage to incinerate. Before we begin, please remember: 90 percent of the moderate left are Ashkenazim!! 100 percent of the extreme left are Ashkenazim!!"

Getting plenty of support too. It seems that any that are on the fringe could be conflated with the rest to be culled. How classy. And this is what we have to contend with as an opposition? One that calls for the eradication of those who dissent and "finish Hitler's work".

This is a place where one can assassinate a president and become a hero. The liquidator is still adamant that it was the right thing to do to kill Rabin.

"'I decided to kill [former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin] and I do not regret it,' Rabin's assassin Yigal Amir was heard telling police in a tape of his interrogation released for the first time Monday.

Right-wingers have recently embarked on a 'Free Amir' campaign involving the distribution of pamphlets and the release of a film ahead of 12th anniversary of Rabin's assassination.

Also, surveys published last week indicated that large parts of Israeli society believe Amir should be pardoned."

Smooth running politics.

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