Sunday, July 29, 2007

Zionism perverted.

Not only has Israel been continually referred to as an Apartheid state as well as compared to Pretoria, and has only come upon further scrutiny thanks to a certain former President whom has been under the kosh of slanders since the landmark book (and all its flaws), but Zionism cannot even save Jews from themselves.

"Last week, in a series of three decisions that are separate but connected through a stench of racism and discrimination, Israel entered the dismal pantheon of non-democratic states. This past Wednesday, Israel decided to be like apartheid-era South Africa, and some will say even worse countries that no longer exist.

Let's start with obligations. In a democratic country that has mandatory military service, all citizens must serve with no exception from those who are unable to for health reasons or similar grounds.) A person should not be getting an exemption from service based on one's religion or race. And there, with a slight hand gesture, the Knesset decided to "extend" the legislation known as the Tal Law – which initially was meant to be valid for five transitory years only, in order to examine the possibility of integrating the strictly Orthodox into the IDF.

This was a blatantly anti-democratic arrangement and even those who drafted it reemphasized that it was merely a temporary agreement for five years only, yet around here the temporary becomes permanent, particularly when we're talking about discrimination and racism."

Quite possible that it is the symptom of a state that's going awry.

"History has amused us by bringing these decisions at the beginning of the month of Av. Anyone who will be studying the destruction of the Third Temple, that is, the collapse of the Zionist enterprise and of the State of Israel, would certainly emphasize the above-mentioned disastrous decisions"

(Article courtesy of tadamon!)

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