Monday, July 30, 2007

US occupation of Palestine?

With more aid like this, who needs to end an occupation?

"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that the US has agreed a 25 percent increase in its military and defence aid to Israel, to 30 billion US dollars in the next 10 years."

So much for being an honest broker.

"US President George W. Bush, whom Olmert last met in Washington on June 19, gave him assurances 'to keep the qualitative edge between us (Israel) and the other states (in the region),' the Israeli premier said."

And aiding more Sunnis to counter the Shiites.

"A senior US defence official said on Saturday that Washington is readying a major arms package for Saudi Arabia with an eye to countering the changing threat from Tehran, Israel's arch foe."

It really should be no mystery as to why so many in the Middle East (especially Palestinians) are exhausted with so-called US mediating. And it's hard to erase those "Made in USA" labels on those lovely weapons that hit them hard and make sound booms while they sleep.

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